Concord's 40th Anniversary commemorative book is available to download

A Leeds Interfaith Story 1946-2016

BookWritten by a team including Trevor Bates, Primrose Agbamu, Cynthia Dickinson , John Moreton & John Summerwill (with contributions from Concord members)

283 A5 pages in full colour - 238 illustrations

This substantial and unique book, published to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Concord, tells the story of the different faith communities in Leeds and of the key individuals who have promoted interfaith relationships.

This is a large PDF of 4479 KB, so be patient if it is slow loading for the first time.

The book is copyright and may not be reproduced or sold in whole or part for commercial purposes. However, individuals are at liberty to copy any or all of it for personal or educational use. If material from it is copied or projected for educational purposes, the source must be attributed.

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