Are you between 14 and 21 (inclusive)?

You'll need support from a youth leader, teacher or faith leader, and parental approval if you're under 18.

Do you want some financial help to attend an organised interfaith event?

It could help to pay for travel or booking fees.

Concord can help through its Concord Namaste Fund with a grant of up to £100.

All you need to do is to read the conditions and apply on an official form.

Groups can apply too, and get up to £250.

All you need to do in return is report back to Concord after the event.

Here are the details

The Concord Namaste Fund
The Concord Namaste Fund is a sum to be set aside within the general accounts of the Concord Leeds Interfaith Fellowship. It is to be administered by the designated Trustees of Concord in consultation with the Executive Committee.
To promote the aims of Concord by assisting young people to engage in interfaith activity with an educational or social purpose.
The Fund is to be based on a gift given to Concord. Additional income may be added from donations and grants from individuals or organisations, from special collections, and, with the agreement of the Executive Committee, by transfer from Concord’s general account as the need arises.
The Trustees may award grants from the Fund to individuals and groups on application, subject to the following conditions:

Click here for an application form (individual) or (group) in .docx format

When you have completed the form, email it to concordwomen@phonecoop.coop

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